W barok. (14.11.2015-03.01.2016),Gdańska Galeria Miejska 1 ,kuratorka: Maria Sasin.

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         On Into baroque exhibition:

         The multithreaded contemporary world is like a focus in a camera, through which it is observed. The reason behind the Baroque’s re-entry is, that it tells stories, which are complex; the structure of contemporaneity is like Deleuze’s notion of fold. The book by Mieke Bal (Quoting Caravaggio.Preposterious history) reveals clear references to this figure by various artists. A fold is a composed multiplicity – multidimensional; it is the present day: irregular like a baroque pearl, crooked like the face of Caravaggio’s Medusa representing plentitude and the fading of the consumerist world on the one hand, while on the other it appears like a spectacle torn by hybrid wars seen on TV screens.

         By interpenetrating one another, Baroque and Camp are for me the points of reference in painting. I like Jeff Koon’s-like exaggeration, artificiality of baroque interiors, I admire multiplication and theatrical fakeness.