Holy place, Växjö Konsthall (2.09-23.10.2016)Växjö, Szwecja, kurator: Martin Schibli

<« Wróć do wystaw

The Holy place exhibition is on one hand an attempt to depict the sacredness hidden in our everyday habits, silent moments, while on the other it is a show that deprives us from our intimacy. That is exactly what painting itself serves- a very blunt, direct relation between the painted subject and the viewer. Painting does not conceal private prayers, post communist landscape with the priest playing a significant social role. Painting is a flesh feast mixed with gold baroque ornaments.

Indeed the Holy place continues the Into Baroque exhibition ( A show in Gdanska Galeria Miejska,Poland, curated by Maria Sasin, 2015 ) which was about exaggeration and artificiality; was a show of consumption abounding in gold and ornaments, which interpenetrate with death concealed behind decomposing matter. This painting was lined with camp stylistics and perverse forms.

The Holy place is the first show of Agata Nowosielska’s paintings in Sweden thanks to Adam Mickiewicz Institute support.